April 16, 2011

No death threats, I am not worthy.

Hi there! If you're from my Life Doodles comic site, first:

If you are from there, you are painfully aware that I haven't updated it in forever. I've actually doodled quite a number of comics from my first year experience at art school! (yes I go to art school.) Thing is, I've been scanner less since the end of 2009...and I never thought of just taking photos of them.

Once I made that realization, I updated! ...on Facebook. My friends slapped my face with a book and went "GURL just make a BLOG." After I filed that book away, I decided, "GOOD IDEA!"

This will triple as a comic diary, art diary, and a general diary diary. Buuuut I like using images (except this post) so expect less text, more photos of my drawings/MSPaint art, and just some of my good ol' humor. That was a joke because I have no humor. Ha ha ha!

I'll be reposting the previous blogs from my Facebook account, then I will begin my epic journey. You can read the old comics here. And with that, I leave you with this.

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